This is what Creative Original Music is all about!

Creative Original Music is the result of a lifetime of musical events that have brought about this synergy of heart and mind and created a working environment where musicians can recognize their full potential and promote their creative expressions.

About the Business 

Creative Original Music started with a guitar, a song, a microphone and an idea. The idea that the music we are creating could be listened to as a single or album or sync'd to video to set the mood in an ad, TV show or movie. We wanted to offer complete songs for listening pleasure and variations, derivatives and/or clips of each recording for sync licensing opportunities. 

About the Music 

In the process of creating our music we have created a broad community of talented musicians who are passionate about the sounds they create and engineers who are trained in recording, mixing and mastering those sounds. With full control over the studio, the songs and the recording process we have become a one-stop-shop for creating original music while maintaining 200% of the copyrights 100% of the time. 

We began writing, recording and mixing original songs and instrumentals that have now evolved into four different groups of sounds that we plan on releasing starting in 2022. Each group / album is discussed below: 

Fun in the Studio 

Fun in the Studio is the name of an ever evolving group of musicians who at various times over the course of the past two years have come together to write and record a broad array of fun, lively, creative original songs. 


Languages is the sound of the creative mind of Rod Sager as a solo musician. Mostly on guitar with some Ukulele and Mandolin thrown in from time to time. Instruments range from classical to electric, nylon string to steel string a 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 strings in total. The name "Languages" comes from the wide range of sounds and the assortment of instruments. 


After years of singing and touring as a bass in the various choruses Rod has branched out on his own as a solo vocalist performing a set of original songs written with his vocal range in mind. This collection of songs range from love to laughter, from serious to silly and from happy to heartfelt. 

August Blackmore 

Songs in this genre of music typically involve orchestral arrangements based on melodies generated from scores we have written and produced.